Thanks to my friend and retired librarian, Betty Story, my books will now be read by kids in Zambia through the wonderful Lubuto Library Partners ( I hope that my stories will encourage kids to follow their dreams, and know that with determination and hard work anything is possible. Thanks Betty and the Lubuto Library Partners.

Message from Lubuto’s President to Cristina Kessler

Dear Cristina,

Thank you for your generous contribution to the e orts of Lubuto Library Partners. With Lubuto your support is more than a single project or a quick fix: you are building a whole world of opportunity and imagination for each of the children-especially the most vulnerable-who we reach every day in Zambia.

We are grateful for your recent donation of My Great-Grandmother’s Gourd, and we also appreciate that you took the time to sign all 24 books donated by Betty Story. The children of Lubuto libraries will greatly appreciate the personalized messages. The books will all be cataloged and used at our libraries in Zambia.

It was truly a pleasure to meet you when you were visiting Washington, D.C -and to learn more about your background and what informed your wonderful books. All of the donated books will make great additions to our libraries. Their messages-particularly those pertaining to empowering girls-are universal, and will thus provide compelling stories to children and youth at our libraries in Zambia.

Our broad approach has made Lubuto a model of what public libraries can contribute to African countries. As one visitor observed, Lubuto libraries are “expanding a world view, giving children a space to imagine, to be themselves, to explore worlds not seen before.” Your donated and inscribed books will directly transform lives; ignite imaginations and build a brighter Africa.

Jane Kinney Meyers