Hope for Limpopo Vhutshilo Mountain School

In June and July 2015 , Joe and I visited Africa for the first time in a long time. It was a trip full of old memories and new surprises. The best surprise was visiting the Vhutshilo Mountain School in Venda, South Africa that my good friend Sue Anne Cook founded and runs. For three years I have hosted a Magical Evening event on St. John in the Virgin Islands that raised funds for supporting the school and sponsoring children. It gave me great comfort and pride to see the place where our $26,813.00 has gone!

Sue Anne and her wonderful assistant administrator, Khathu, both expressed deep thanks for the money we have sent that has contributed to; the building of a classroom; sponsored 16 kids; bought seeds and tools for the community and home gardens; goats; clothes; meds when necessary and transport to and from the school. It was heart-warming to see the kids so well-dressed, well-fed and happy in their normally challenging lives.

Take a trip to Venda when you view the videos and photos below, and if the dancing or singing kids don’t make you smile I’ll be very surprised. Anyone interested in helping out the school can contact www.hopeforlimpopo.org

You can be sure that whatever you send will go directly to the school and kids. Enjoy!