Celebrating Sue Anne’s life

Celebrating Sue Anne’s life

That we love and respect and treasure. That’s what Sue Anne Cook meant to me. Our friendship goes back 28 years, when we met in Mozambique. She was the most under the radar and unassuming person I had ever met, and evolved into the most giving and impactful friend I have ever had. She started a small school in her trailer for pre-school HIV+ kids that no one else was helping. That evolved into the most loving and giving relationship between her beautiful daughter Woo, who came to her as a profoundly sick 2-year-old and is now a beautiful freshman in college.

Together they became AIDS activists, and Sue Anne’s small school became the Vhutshilo Mountain School (VMS) in Venda, South Africa. It was brought to reality by the great NGO, Hope for Limpopo.

I don’t know off-hand how many hundreds of kids passed through the school, where they received meals, meds, classes, love and clothes for two years. Many like Woo, are now healthy young adults all thanks to Sue Anne’s vision and big heart.

In honor of the hard work, dedication and opportunities my dear friend provided, I am starting the Sue Anne Cook Scholarship Fund. Only graduates of VMS are eligible, and scholarships will be awarded the equivalent of $1000.00 for kids pursuing higher education, whether through secondary school, vocational schools or college. It’s only appropriate that Woo is the first recipient, which I am donating. If you would like to keep Sue Anne’s dreams alive, whether by a donation to the school or a donation for future scholarships, please let me know.

All donations are tax deductible and will be handled by Hope for Limpopo at www.hopeforlimpopo.org

Your generosity will help keep Sue Anne’s dreams alive.

Vhutshilo Mountain School: https://www.vhutshilomountainschool.co.za/