Konte Chameleon, Fine, Fine, Fine!




KONTE CHAMELEON is feeling fine, fine, fine––until he hops on a wild, red orchid and sees his body and tail turn red as the setting sun. Now he is convinced he is sick, sick, sick. So he visits Doctor Jolloh. When Doctor Jolloh tells Konte to climb onto a yellow flower, Konte turns yellow as a ripe banana. When Konte jumps on a brown rock, he turns brown as a coconut. Konte weighs the evidence of his own eyes and reaches the conclusion that it is the chameleon’s nature to change color wherever he goes. Cristina Kessler’s spirited retelling of this West African folk tale features two memorable and endearing characters––Konte Chameleon and Doctor Jolloh––who are brought to life through Christian Epanya’s lush and lively illustrations. Children will laugh with Konte and Doctor Jolloh and marvel at one of nature’s fascinating creatures––the changing chameleon. The colorful and repetitive language makes this picture book a perfect choice for reading aloud.

Book Review

Review from BOOKSHELF for Young Readers, Los Angeles Times
The best picture books are those that match compelling stories with dynamic illustrations. It’s a rare combination, but it’s one to be found in Konte Chameleon, Fine, Fine Fine! … Kessler’s retelling makes such good use of odd, lyric sounds and repetitve language that it’s almost impossible not to read – or sing – the story aloud.